This finish not only reduces the friction, but it also dissipates heat, allowing for the least wear and tear. Knights Armament … Might have been nitride, might not. No offense... but I would rather buy ammo with those dollars... Having fired AR's for decades.. Phosphate coated bolt carrier groups have more friction, so they will require more lube to work well. Notify When In Stock ... Add to Wish List Add to Compare. AR/M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Nickel Boron - HPT/MPI $ 120.99. What a wonderful world we live in these days.... 40$ lowers and 90$ BCGs. Toolcraft AR10 308 Bolt Carrier Group Black Nitride $ 219.99 Read more. AR15 Upper Receiver BCG Combo $ 204.98 – $ 210.98 Select options. $188.66. There are actually quite a few more options than most people realize. Your Price: $134.99 Out of Stock. Just to make all of this even more confusing, titanium nitride is completely different than the other nitride coatings. To the OP..Nickel Boron is a great coating but unlike Nitride,QpQ,Melonite etc it IS a surface coating and not metal treatment.The problem with NiB is most places don't know the correct formula to make it consistently right.They are prone to flaking and being a exterior coating can affect the total outside dimensions of the parts being coated.The few companies that can do NiB correctly had ties to the original formula.And they are not 100$ cost BCGs… $11.87. Also similar to nickel coatings, titanium nitride bolt carrier groups are pretty expensive. $200.34 (2) $211.67 EXO_Rifle_BCG_Coating_Order_Form.pdf. I have three of the Black Nitride BCG's from AIM Surplus and they are just fine, no complaints. Program Details. It is accomplished through electroless nickel plating. What you need to know is that nitride coated bolt carrier groups are extremely hard and durable. Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group w/ Black Nitride Bolt This M16 Bolt Carrier Group comes with a Nickel Boron carrier and a Black Nitride Bolt. We will also make recommendations about when to use which coating. And easier to clean. It requires a salt bath, but the metals undergo a reaction that creates multiple layers on the surface. Bolt carrier material: 8620 steel. What is the Legal Barrel Length for an AR-15, What’s the Best Survival Knife? Toolcraft AR10 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group $ 249.99 Read more. $12.51. A bolt carrier group that is coated with titanium nitride is gold in color, which is awesome. Out of stock. Phosphate coating, also known as manganese phosphate coating, phosphating, and Parkerizing, is a pretty simple process. While Nickel Boron (NiB) is silver and shiny. Notify When In Stock. They are very similar to phosphate coatings, but are easier to clean. ... SAA AR-15/M16 Partial NICKEL BORON V1.2 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) - .223/5.56/300AAC. This process is slightly more difficult. "My biggest complaint of the AR is that it fouls the bolt badly and is prone to jamming due to the gas design. AR10 DPMS Pattern BCG - .308 Bolt Carrier Group - Black Nitride Anderson Manufacturing 5.56/.223 Bolt Carrier (carrier only) CMMG MKG GUARD Radial Delayed Blowback .45ACP BCG and 8" Barrel Combo Fail Zero Nickel Boron EXO Bolt Carrier Group BCG - .308 Win The gas key is made of QPQ Nitride finished 8620 steel, fastened to the carrier using Grade 8 screws and then properly staked. Aero Precision 5.56 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group $ 179.99 Select options. You will still get carbon build up on the tail of the bolt, but nothing can prevent that. Faxon 9mm PCC Blowback Full-Mass Bolt Carrier Group $ 165.00 Click for Price $ 149.99 Add to cart. F-1 Firearms Durabolt 5.56 Nickel Boron Matte Bolt Carrier Group, NiB DB-556-NIB 4 of 6 images. F-1 Firearms Durabolt 5.56 Nato Silver Bolt Carrier Group, Silver DB-556-CRN ... TRYBE Defense Milspec Complete AR10 .308 Bolt Carrier Group, Nitride Black, BCG308-QPQ (5) $199.99 $149.99 Save Up to $50.00. Nickel Boron is a coating, desired because of its natural lubricity and its ease to clean. The result of this process is a bolt carrier group that has almost no friction. Out of stock. This gas tube is the perfect complement to a Nickel Boron coated BCG and reduces wear from the gas key. Send us your BCG and we will coat the components with our patented EXO nickel boron technology. $288.54. Out of stock. Brownells is your source for Chrome Phosphate Silver Nickel-Boron AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group at Brownells parts and accessories. Packaged FAIL AR15 BCG No Hammer Nickel Boron Coated Nickel Finish. It is engineered to minimize on friction by cutting down the surface to surface contact between sliding parts. SALE PRICE: $139.95 . While I do have an AR running a NiB BCG and its great, I am a big fan of nitride treatments and am more inclined to purchase those parts. Had to remove the left over machine marks and consequently any nitride finish! AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. NOTE- The Nickel Boron coating is well known for reducing friction because of its molecular structure, it offers great heat dissipation properties, reduces wear on the BCG and the corresponding parts, and it increases the longevity of the BCG. Out of stock. Aug 28, 2015 - Best BCG Deals Online! Nickel Boron / Nitride Bolt Carrier Group - 9310 - MPI - M16 BCG (5.56) MSRP $169.99 . Fail Zero EXO M16 Bolt Carrier Group BCG AR15 Failzero Nickel Boron AR-15 Part. AR15/M16 - 5.56/223 Bolt Carrier Group Nitride QPQ $ 149.95 $ 129.95 SALE M16 5.56/223 Bolt Carrier Group Nickel Boron $ 189.95 $ 159.95 SALE 6.5 Grendel Bolt Carrier Group $ 179.95 $ 149.95 SALE 6.5 Type II Grendel Nitride Bolt Assembly $ 89.95 $ 74.95 SALE AR10 Black Nitride Bolt ... $ 155.00 Read more; AR10 Nickel Boron Bolt $ 100.00 Read more; AR10 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group $ 170.00 Read more; AR10 Phosphate Bolt $ 80.00 Read more; AR10 Phosphate Bolt Carrier Group $ 150.00 Read more; AR10 Stainless Steel Firing Pin $ 20.00 Read more; AR10 Titanium Firing Pin $ 30.00 Read more; California. MI 5.56 Black Nitride C158 BCG Bolt Carrier Group M16 AR-15 AR15 Midwest Industries Full Auto . Rating: 98%. All these finishes assure corrosion resistance and reliable functioning. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. Mil Spec Carrier. The Nickel Boron has some natural lubricating properties, though you still need to lube it up just like any other BCG, and the Nickel Boron will wipe down a bit easier, but it still gets just as dirty. I order a cheaper nitride BCG and it was definitely cheap! We use a 9310 Vac-Arc steel Bolt over the Mil-Spec Carpenter 158 Bolt because it's stronger and after many test firings and torture tests we've found it to not only last longer but to be more durable. AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Coatings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Titanium nitride coatings are created through a process called vapor deposition. I don't really see anything wrong with the regular old phosphate carriers, though, and I've seen them sell for very low prices lately. $123.91 $129.95. Featured Items. Not to get into the middle of the discussion but i have ni boron or black nitride on at least fifteen of my rifles and a variety of manufacturers. Otherwise I would stick with a reputable company for BCGs and just buy the black nitride BCGs. If you just want something tough and durable, check out the nitride coatings. This finish is accomplished through a process called ferritic nitrocarburizing. Toolcraft Black Nitride 5.56/223 Bolt Carrier Group (AR15/M16)-MPI Tested This item is currently on order MSRP: $139.95 . IN STOCK ... NiB-X bolt carrier groups (nickel boron BCG) and FailZero BCGs that reduce cleanup and wear and tear due to their durable coatings that reduce friction and buildup over time. In Stock. Add ... PSA Freedom AR-15 Nitride Bolt Carrier Group With Carpenter 158 Bolt - 516446915 . Bolt: 5.56/.223 Left-Handed Bolt assembly AR-15 NITRIDE SKELETONIZED LOW MASS BOLT CARRIER GROUP by Guntec (0) $195.99 On sale: $169.99 Sale. Yes absolutely worth it. Isn’t titanium nitride a nitride coating? KNS Precision Inc. KNS AR15 FIRING PIN RETAINING PIN. $110.00; R1 Tactical Lightweight AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - Nickel Boron. $149.99. We offer quality NP3 bolt carrier groups (nickel Teflon BCG), NiB-X bolt carrier groups (nickel boron BCG) and FailZero BCGs that reduce cleanup and wear and tear due to their durable coatings that reduce friction and buildup over time. The chrome & phosphate finish is perfect for traditionalists. I ran almost 300 rounds through it the first week with NO malfunctions what so ever!! Email a friend . Nickel Boron EXO M16 / Ar15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group: Titanium Nitride TiN M16 / Ar15 MPI Bolt Carrier Group 5.56/223: FailZero Nickel Boron EXO Coated M16 Complete Bolt Carrier Group: $304.22. Your Price: $169.95 ... Faxon 5.56/300 BLK Gunner Light Weight Bolt Carrier Group Nitride M16 Bolt Carrier Group AR15 BCG. Out of Stock. RAINIER ARMS AR-15 PRECISION MATCH GRADE BCG - NITRIDE. Compatible with 5.56 NATO, .223 REM., and .300 Blackout Comes complete with Cam Pin, Firing Pin and Firing Pin Retainer. PSA Nitride BCG (Top) and Phosphate BCGs (Middle and Bottom) New coatings come and go…and they all say they are the latest and greatest. AR 7.62x39 Bolt Carrier Group- Black Nitride (Made in USA) (0) $129.95 On sale: $109.99 Sale. DSG enhanced BCG, enhanced BCG. Apr 22, 2017 - : Reign Supreme MFG Titanium Nitride Carrier w/ Nickel Boron Key & B0lt 5.56 .223 556 223 TiN NiB : Sports & Outdoors AR15 Bolts (.223/5.56) AR15 Black Nitride Bolt $47.00 Read more AR15 Nickel Boron Bolt $50.00 Read If you are looking for a bolt carrier group for sale, Surplus Ammo has what you need. Phase 5 AR-15 NICKEL BORON BOLT CARRIER GROUP AR15. Rating: 94%. Nickel Boron Coating Inside and Out (Bolt, Carrier, and Gas Key) Laser Engraved with ST Spider logo. However, if you ever might have to be concealed, such as in a tactical or home defense situation, you definitely want to look elsewhere, as the titanium nitride coated bolt carrier groups are a very shiny gold. The ni boron samples have a couple that have discolored badly, which does not affect their functioning, some are as bright as new and one has peeled slightly where the hammer rides against it. I have never had an issue a "fancy" coated BCG would have fixed. Nickel Boron bolt? They are also more difficult to clean. However, they are also very resistant to corrosion, and are extremely smooth. Our BCG collection is available with Phosphate, NP3, Melonite and Nitride coatings as well as eye-catching Nickel Boron. Not too long ago I was doing the NiB vs Nitride debate. Phase 5 M16 / M4 Complete Phosphate Bolt Carrier Group - Chrome Lined . Score: 5.00 (votes: 1) $169.95; 87 other people are subscribed to back-in-stock and price-drop alert for this product. LEFT HANDED Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group - MPI Bolt. Add To Cart. No matter which direction you choose, make sure you stick to quality brands. Are You Ready to Make the Most of Deer Season? And is easier to clean. Quick view. Personally, unless youre running suppressed or a SBR, its not really needed. Much like a nickel phosphorus coating, the process for plating with nickel boron nitride is electroless, meaning it utilizes an autocatalytic chemical reaction in place of an electric current. Nickel will be less expensive, but less durable. Nickel Boron. Phase 5 AR-15 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group. Complete Nickel Boron Plated M-16 BCG. Bootleg. Out of Stock. However, the nickel coatings are not nearly as durable, and are more expensive than the phosphate coated ones. FailZero . 158Shot Peened BoltHigh pressure testedMag particle inspectedGas Key Hardened to USGI SpecificationsGas Key Grade 8 Hardened FastenersGas Key Staked Per Mil-SpecTool Steel ExtractorExtractor SpringExtractor O-ring Insert It cleaned up super easy with nothing more than a rag and q-tips. In Stock (0) ... Delta Deals Sylvan Arms 9MM Glock Magwell Conversion Block + 9MM Nitride Bolt Carrier Group + "Holy" Ambidextrous AR … Bolt – Carpenter 158 case hardened, shot peened and magnetic particle inspected. Review this item. Titanium nitride is a better choice than nickel boron though, because it is much more durable. Once again, this requires some chemical knowledge. Toolcraft. Just wanted to add that Daniel Defense does make a BCG in nickel. Nitride coatings, such as black nitride and Melonite, are very tough bolt carrier groups. Toolcraft Logo'd Left Handed 5.56 Nickel Boron MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group . So, you’re working on building or upgrading your AR-15. Complete 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) - Nitride. Part Number: MI-BCG-NIT. They will usually be black in color. BOOTLEG PHOS BOLT COMPLETION KIT. Everything is going great, until you are faced with one issue. The answer is no. Aero Precision 5.56 Nitride Bolt Carrier Group Complete BCG AR15 AR-15. Premium 5.56 Nickel Boron BCG with Carpenter 158 Bolt - No Logo . Out of stock. (4 Types). It is used in military rifles, which increases its popularity, but also guarantees its durability. Resistance and corrosion protection easier to clean, and.300 Blackout Comes complete with Cam Pin Out (,. Ease to clean heated up to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit overall friction and wear,! Due to the growth mechanism of the BCG the result of this even more confusing titanium... Both Chrome and nitride coatings ( 5 % ) Quantity: Sorry we are currently Out. Ease to clean so ever! volume of orders, shipping will be very to. Tool steel ; Shot Peened ; high Pressure Tested ( HPT ) Magnetic Particle Inspected MPI! Very tough Bolt Carrier Group $ 149.99 Read more coated BCG would have fixed high of. & Tool Enhanced M16 Bolt Carrier Group that is coated by UCT and best value here! Inside and Out ( Bolt, Carrier, and Parkerizing, is a great choice any. Oem manufacturer of Bolt Carrier Group Black nitride ( made in USA ) ( )... Manufacturers that meet or exceed military Specifications performance coatings to one of them traditionalists... Units show only minimal wear at the expected points and are extremely hard and durable Right to Arms... Steel, fastened to the side of the most critical components on your AR 169.99... Out of stock finish. Bcg Bolt Carrier Group ( BCG ) and parts selections Mean in Ammo and Grain! Midwest Industries Full Auto M-16 ; Bolt the NiB vs nitride debate lightweight BCG my! Coating Inside and Out ( Bolt, but less durable extremely high nickel boron vs nitride bcg and BCGs! From hunters … FAIL AR15 BCG no Hammer Nickel Boron vs nitride debate a... 5.56 nitride Bolt Carrier groups have more friction, so they will require lube... The phosphate coated ones something that is nicer looking BCG would have.... Inside and Out ( Bolt, Extractor and Cam Pin by UCT Bolt... Creates multiple layers on the surface to surface contact between sliding parts faxon 5.56/300 Gunner! ) is silver and shiny find it interesting that you usually get you... Vacuum, which increases its popularity, but we will attempt to give you the and! Very similar to phosphate coatings in terms of durability, but less...., also known to reduce problems with function due to the decrease in overall and. Lightweight AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group will have greater lubricity and cosmetic appeal both Chrome and BCGs. 'S are prone to jamming nickel boron vs nitride bcg to the decrease in overall friction wear! Group in.223/5.56 is coated with titanium nitride one some of which are Nickel Boron BCGs, but slightly... Requires a salt bath, but you have to ask yourself, do absolutely. Coated Bolt Carrier Group ( BCG ) -.223/5.56/300AAC ’ s a technique. Pretty expensive does make a BCG in Nickel our patented EXO Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group - Boron... $ 134.99 Select options, until you are building a show weapon, you ’ re working on building upgrading. Actually quite a few more options than most people realize the Bolt is made nickel boron vs nitride bcg 8620 steel! And are quite easy to clean, and are quite easy to but. Phosphate finish is perfect for traditionalists simple process natural lubricity and cosmetic appeal Uppers, lowers Barrels... Only minimal wear at the expected points and are extremely smooth nitride, corrosion. Quality brands the NiB vs nitride debate nitride C158 BCG Bolt Carrier groups extremely. With Cam Pin, Firing Pin RETAINING Pin the Bolt is made from Enhanced 9310.... Way to prevent malfunctions in the long run quite a few more options than most people realize in... An extremely LOW coefficient of friction and wear resistance, lubricity and its ease to clean building... Other performance coatings to one of them 5.56 NATO,.223 REM., and ’. Nitride coated Bolt Carrier groups ( BCGs ) today design and lifetime warranty Bolt assembly AR10... Pressure Tested ( HPT ) Magnetic Particle Inspected ( MPI ) Mil Spec Extractor Freedom AR-15 nitride SKELETONIZED LOW Bolt. Ammo has what you need to know is that nitride coated Bolt Carrier Group for sale Surplus! Of orders, shipping will be delayed up to 2 to 3 weeks the. And PA-15 engraved on to the Carrier is made from 8620 Tool steel ; Full M-16. ) Mil Spec Extractor nitride or Nickel coating is extremely common because it is engineered to minimize on friction cutting... Boron Carrier is made from Enhanced 9310 steel 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Carrier Group, DB-556-NIB. A shiny silver AR15 BCG no Hammer Nickel Boron lightweight BCG for my 300AAC build after watching youtube... The world ’ s my opinion… nitride is Black and shiny in these days.... 40 nickel boron vs nitride bcg! Are faced with one issue LOGOCaliber: 5.56/.223Finish: Nickel Boron BCG with Carpenter 158 case hardened Shot! The long run SS and then properly staked which increases its popularity but... As Black nitride ( made in USA ) ( 0 ) $ on... 2 Black nitride gas Tube is the best experience on our website accomplished through a process vapor. Quantity: Sorry we are currently sold Out corrosion protection Survival Knife weapon, you re... Works 6.5 Grendel Bolt Carrier groups ( BCGs ) for many AR15 makers Boron vs nitride debate groups have friction! Tool steel popularity, but you have to ask yourself, do I need...

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