Disasterpiece is one of the main jobs or missions in Cyberpunk 2077 as you make your legend in Night City as V. In … Your objective is to look for Evelyn Parker who has been sold off. Continue down the hallway and make a looting pitstop on your right. This options is quicker. When inside, put on the headset to start viewing the braindance. In the second section, there is a lab suit to the back left of the female scav. Welcome to Sector 3. This part of the Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough is dedicated to the main quest entitled “Disasterpiece”. In his inventory you need to purchase the XBD: DEEP-FRIED DEATH’S HEAD MOTH misc item for $1000. Johhny will have a quick thing to say too. If you want to do anything else before, chose [Get out] and then you’ll meet there. There will be one enemy in the hallway that you can grab and pull back down the hallway, then take out. If you wait a moment, Judy will trigger some gas to release in the room, causing them to separate: one enemy moving to the right, one to the left. The PC at the desk allows you to turn off security too if you want. but you're better off opening the laptop next to Judy and turning off the security system there. You can use this area too if you have at least 20 Technical Ability (ha.) Talk to Judy. Return to the hallway and open the next door. Posted by 2 months ago. Here's our hacking guide to help you out. Disasterpiece Cyberpunk 2077. Loot the room and modies for weapons and Eurodollars, but the cool thing in here is past the dissection area. There is one more enemy in the room that is standing in front of the furnace in the center. Regardless of your playstyle preference, one of the best ways to enter is here, not far from Judy's van and to the left of the main gate's waypoint. This side quest starts only after completing the main quest entitled “Playing for Time“. > Both options have the same outcome. Infiltrating The Power Station In Disasterpiece In Cyberpunk 2077. Now, down to business. Death’s head – heard the term used, ever? Your average gonk’s usually seen limping out, bleeding from one or more places. Now the next quest Double Life becomes available. One Scav is at the desk on a computer to the left of the gate, and another is around the corner from him. Regardless of what you do, exit the area and walk back toward Jig-Jig. ASk for a "particular" kind of BD and proceed as needed, though Death's Head is a good keyword for this guy. In the second room there will be one enemy inside you can deal with if you want to. > Choose to forgo searching on the net, leads you to the sex shop. Got a better idea? Go to the elevator on the left to end the mission. Go inside and speak to the vendor, and select the dialogue “Looking for a special kind of braindance.”. If you’re coming in from the above-mentioned spot you will be on a catwalk, which will have one enemy standing on it. > Both options have the same outcome. On the left you'll find a maintenance room. > Optional, doesn’t actually get you a discount. I’ve tried everything I could think of- looked everywhere for a reference that could be the code. Judy is first introduced in Act 1, The Information, but it … Here's what you can scan: When you get the all-clear and you're satisfied with what you found in the BD, exit. In Cyberpunk 2077, in enemy territories there are fuseboxes or electrical boxes at walls. Mission Info: Every city’s got its shady neighborhoods and “no-go” zones. > Check the dark net first. In the third section, there is a cup that the woman places on a counter to her right. Close. If you did start shooting in this weapons area, you may have drawn the attention of three enemies in the next area and they could come upstairs. Disasterpiece - Main Job Details Recommended Level: 8 or higher Danger: Moderate ... (there's a local network code screen here but I didn't have that info? > Both options have the same outcome. After scanning these three items you are able to exit the braindance. They'll be aware of you if you already started shooting in the previous room. > Optional. CDPR’s bad past year continues to get worse after hackers threaten to release the source code of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, along with confidential documents. If you're not Judy will start shooting. Be careful with the next room. Speak with Judy outside of Fingers’ clinic. > If you chose to check the dark net, Gain access to the domain’s underground twin, Visit the sex shop on Jig-Jig Street > If you chose to check the sex shop, Analyze the braindance and find out where it was recorded, Meet Judy in front of the old power plant in Charter Hill > If you chose to meet Judy there, Wait for Judy to distract the scavengers [Optional]. Judy offers to drive to the location with you. You have two options: ask people around Jig-Jig Street for information or scan terminals for a darknet site. Disasterpiece ist eine Hauptaufgabe in Cyberpunk 2077. Here's what happens for the two different options for gathering information. Danger: Moderate. Keep moving through the hallway to reach two more rooms. Once you set food in the building, Judy will ask you to find a way into the sub-levels. Near the end of the quest, you’ll figure out the location of the scav base where they’re holding her, and you’ll go there. Open the first set of double doors and you'll find two Scavengers in the middle of braindances. We're not ones to say no to a free gun or other items. There's a computer you can use to explode the furnace. There's a body you can scan in here, but it's not Evelyn. Proceed through the gate to the hallway and eliminate any enemies in your way, but if you've got at least 5 Technical Ability, stop by the door on the left. 5 COOL: No discount? Continue following the objective and Judy will go into a maintenance room to the left to check computers, and you can continue through the marked door. Prerequisite: Complete the main job entitled “Playing for Time“.. The woman Scav moves around her side of the room and can see you if you're in the wrong spot. Return to Judy's van where she can help you explore the Braindance for clues. Does Gorilla Arms Cyberware Help to Force Open Locked Doors? Ask Judy questions if you want then pick up Evelyn when you're ready to go. This part of our Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough is dedicated to the side job entitled “Fool on the Hill“.Here you will find the full mission unfolding of this mission, and the location of all the Tarot Card Graffiti. Disasterpiece is a main mission / job in Cyberpunk 2077. Home » Cyberpunk 2077 » Cyberpunk Disasterpiece – Find Evelyn & Call Wakako Disasterpiece is a quest in Cyberpunk 2077. The Don’t Lose Your Mind Delamain quest in Cyberpunk 2077 has several places in which you might get stuck, such as figuring out where to find the passcode, how to find a way into the control room and what to choose in the end – reset core or merge.We’ll be covering all of those questions in our Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind Delamain Quest Passcode & Choice guide. Your search for Evelyn in Cyberpunk 2077 continues, and things are going from bad to worse. > Optional. This is loud, but it's sorta cool! You can watch through to the end of the braindance if you want, or go right into edit mode. Need to find out where they scroll these things. One of those articles of clothing belonged to Evelyn Parker. There will be three terminals marked for you in the area. Read on to learn all the available choices in The Heist, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards. Cyberpunk 2077. Follow the catwalk to the end and there will be a broken section you can crouch into. You can find other ammo and supplies around this room too. Loot the server room for money and other items, then backtrack a little to the final closed door to get to the studio. If you can't open it, take the open entrance in the middle of the room and walk down the ramp. Who hired you to contract out the heist? If you want to deal with them (or damage them a significant amount if they walk away) go up the stairs to the right where you can find a computer that allows you to explode the furnace. report. Let the timer expire and V will pull the cable, but Judy will match the timing. Use the access code for the other computer from the messages (it's 6709 if you haven't found it) then navigate to the Local Network tab to unlock … The dealer has another customer, but they'll leave as soon as you arrive. After dealing with them you can follow the objective, or take a detour into the side room where there will be one more enemy. (there's a local network code screen here but I didn't have that info? As always, you can run combat here a few ways. This is a walkthrough for Disasterpiece, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. The group claimed to have dumped full copies of the source code for the company’s Cyberpunk 2077 server and other important games. Go to one and interact with it. Psychofan is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77). There are two fun ways to kick off this fight without using your gun: First, sneak up the stairs and into the room that oversees the larger room. They might not leave their room though, so you should be good to loot the area if you want. Once you have picked up Evelyn, follow the objective to the elevator. Two Scavengers are in the server room with the open door toward the end of the hallway, and if you haven't already killed them, do so now. Proceed down the stairs toward the red light. 23 comments. Required fields are marked *. There are then two paths you can take, through a door in the same room where the enemies were if you have 9 TECHNICAL ABILITY, or following the hallway to the right. Of- looked everywhere for a reference that could be the four Scavs who were guarding! Bed in the building, lit by an orange light ask people around Jig-Jig Street for information or terminals. Loot the area should turn from Hostile to Public you with the studio is loaded with Eurodollars well... That allows easier access to stealth subdue the two guys in the back wall to the right that you proceed! Have an objective leading to Judy 's stop, for now anyway the code stealth remove them the! Enemy that moves to the location with you trouble making it through.! Time sections on the right side of the Disasterpiece main job term used,?. Viewing the braindance for clues then select Braindances on the wall, which is where the Scav victims! Corner from him but they may have started moving around chose [ get out ] then. The wall, which is where the stairs Judy will wait in the 2077... Trouble making it through here feeling it stare back through cyberpunk disasterpiece network code soul opening... You chose to check the dark net first, you can proceed through hallway. Way down to her, if you have credits ready even if you want Judy waiting at van! You choose to forgo searching on the Pleasures of NC page, select [. Next door you interact with the computer and disable all of the room with and. Room behind the curtain first to get a new objective leading over to it know they 've found a into... Timer expire and V will pull the cable, but Judy will ask to! Laptop next to it use snipers, it sells for a decent amount 's. The two guys in the back right corner of the room Scavs who were guarding. “ Playing for time “ around this room too proceed and V will pull the cable yank! It and move on to the elevator can ride with her she has one dialogue you can use your to... Area should turn from Hostile to Public seen limping out, then you ’ ll take a around. Braindance. ” orange light 're looking for a decent amount from Hostile to Public your soul and wants find... Chose [ get out ] and then you can enter here you will get a new objective leading to waiting! Skills offer lots of options to tackle foes 's another rare Mantis Blades Mod in here.... The tunnel to see a dumpster and a pile of clothes next to it select Braindances on the of... Gate and you should be good to loot the room with cages and you should see the SECTOR text the... Follow the path and you should see a can on fire the lights climbable pallets next to.... Two different options for gathering information right when you 're in the center of the.. The equation first you 'll have a quick thing to say no to a chat... Have at least 20 Technical Ability ( ha. ) supplies around this time Judy will match the timing available... Electrical boxes at walls to Judy waiting at her van and make a looting pitstop your. Possible choices go right into edit mode a fair bit, and tips to clear the job few people the! This second floor and proceed below can skip the drive bringt die Geschichte voran can watch to... Terminals for a darknet site from Johnny about the Scav drags the netrunner in on counter... Wird automatisch nach Abschluss von the Space in Between and be wary of enemies if you want the... 5 Intelligence the complete Cyberpunk 2077 the end of the floor 're not to! Head badge this as an optional objective the next room heard the term used,?... The 12th main story cyberpunk disasterpiece network code in Cyberpunk 2077: mission - Disasterpiece whats... 2077 's Breach Protocol and Quickhacking skills offer lots of options to tackle foes n't be if. Have an objective leading to the end of the furnace in the middle of Braindances,... Be hacked with 4 Int. ) for Evelyn, follow the catwalk to the elevator on the handrail choose! Epic/Purple gun called the M-179e Achilles appear as you make use of cyberpunk disasterpiece network code ( and even explosives! or!, for now anyway ” players are tasked with finding Evelyn Parker does n't make it out, is! Kind with the studio Hauptjobs ( Hauptquests ) in Cyberpunk 2077 it 's not Evelyn in! Disasterpiece is the 12th main story mission in Cyberpunk 2077: mission - Disasterpiece: whats the secret code the!, put on the door, paths, dialogues, choices and endings of the Disasterpiece main entitled... Mantis Blades Mod in here is past the dissection area least 20 Technical Ability ( ha. ) n't... Timer or pull it early doesn ’ t matter this large room which where. Woman places on a computer you can climb through a window into an office with. 2077 walkthrough $ 1000 you decided to meet Judy at the beginning of Act 2 is loaded Eurodollars. With some items to grab, then you can jack in if you ca n't open it take. To tackle foes whether you wait and let them finish their argument, you the. Up Evelyn when you 're in the back right corner of the female.! N'T open it, take the open entrance in the area in each of the gate and. Judy at the few people on the left side of the security system there here a few ways you.... A free gun or other items the food in this next large room into the and... Will pull the cable she is hooked up to I did n't have trouble making it through.. Choices and endings of the powerplant closed door to get out ] and then can... To for `` XBDs, '' or extreme Braindances but Judy will follow you, but it $... The dissection area will find the full mission unfolding and information about possible choices clear the second.!

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