Lastly, to keep your aim true, the slide is equipped with white dot sights for improved visibility. The 1911 Elite Force airsoft pistol with blowback airsoft action Click on a term to search for related topics. Elite Force CO2 and green gas powered airsoft pistols as well as spring airsoft pistols are the preferred replica handguns of most airsoft enthusiasts. One that’s easier to handle and won’t set your wallet on fire. The design is not cluttered by trademarks other than a personalized serial number and two KJW logos on the grip. EUR 29,95. Quick view. That is twice as much as the KJW M9! Ranges of up to 110 feet are no problems for this little dude, with 130 being the max effective range in perfect conditions. EUR 89,90 . Continue reading if you’re looking for in-depth reviews, budget options or target-practice springers! Muzzle Velocity: 370~380 FPS (Measured w/ 0.20g BBs and CO2) Magazine: 16 rounds, proprietary design. Double Bell M1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol Type 1 (High Velocity) - BLACK SKU: DB-823 $88.00 Qty Add to Cart Map Protected Price is map protected. G-Series GBB Pistol; MP9 GBB SMG; M11A1 GBB SMG; VZ61 GBB SMG; M1911 GBB Pistol; M93RII GBB Pistol; M9 GBB Pistol; P226 GBB Pistol; AUTO 9 GBB Pistol; M92 Elite IA GBB Pistol; CZ75 GBB Pistol; SP2022 GBB Pistol; MKV PM GBB Pistol; AK / KTR-03 GBB Rifle; M4A1 ERG Rifle; KWA. 1.064 verkauft. The polymer frame matches and blends well with the metal slide, adding to the amazing look of the pistol. See more ideas about Guns, Hand guns, Guns and ammo. All Rights Reserved. The BB magazine holds 16 rounds and has a drop-free design, so it won’t pose any problems on the field. Due to being designed by the original drawings, it achieves an incredibly realistic look. 27 Beobachter. Full metal or Plastic? When utilized with the included green gas magazines, you should expect your gun to put out around 320-340 FPS. Sonderangebot 138,61 € Normalpreis 142,90 € Inkl. CO2 airsoft pistols are powered by compressed CO2. This blowback pistol fires up to 380 FPS, and equipped If used with a CO2 mag, expect both FPS and recoil to increase. You can also order extra magazines, so you’ll have at least one at the ready. Hiya! While they may not perform as flawlessly as my other choices or may lack in other departments, the following guns are a good, solid choice for your airsoft handgun needs! Marktplatz. ADD TO CART. Team-Karte. The dimensions read 7.8″ in length, 5.75″ in height and a weight of around 2.1lbs. This bad boy shoots in semi-auto and full-auto mode, which means it is as fast as many rifles out there. Registrieren. Email this Page. As soon as you feel resistance – stop. With a polymer body frame and functional metallic slide (just like the real steel design! Sure, the over-the-top grip texture that digs into your hand and leaves callouses after a day of play can be overlooked. I’m Liam and YOU just found the very best airsoft pistol guide on the internet. US$118.00. The blowback and recoil echo this as well. Another exciting Pistol Challenge brought to you by Airsoft Extreme and BAM Airsoft. You can expect the pistol to shoot at approximately 280 FPS, up to 290 – the mileage may vary. Im Hinblick auf Features und Technik unterscheiden sich die verwendeten Waffen deutlich von den Standardwaffen. Receive discount codes, VIP specials, new product arrivals and more. While the trigger pull can be a bit long and cumbersome, the gun is one of the most solid pistols I have ever used – it feels heavy, durable and intimidating. When it comes to construction and craftsmanship, KJW has excelled in all aspects. Besonderheiten: Blow-Back. The only marking you’ll find is a faint “Adaptive Training Pistol” imprinted into the metal slide as well as a serial number. And when I say phenomenal, I mean it! Disclaimer: All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.No person may openly display or expose any imitation firearm (replica firearm), in a public place.© 2009-2020 Airsoft N More. BLACK AIRSOFT WEEK SALE; 15% AUF ALLES! We're proud to introduce the latest model in our growing range of competition race pistols, the HX24 .38 SUPERCOMP. neueste Videos. The CZ P-09 comes with a spacious integrated mountable rail, 3-dot sight system, authentic CZ marking, ambidextrous on-frame safeties as well as aggressive (perhaps overly) texturing on the frame and grip. ADD TO CART. Crafted very well and performing like a top 5 pistol, offering both GBB and CO2 compatibility; it will fit might fine into any hobbyists armory! Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm. Green Gas or CO2? You don’t buy a TM if you’re on a budget. Sign up to our newsletter to receive special offers and new product updates! Second, the design brings forth an efficient gas system (the NS2 developed by KWA) which keeps track of the consumption while delivering a satisfying blowback action. Airsoft CO2 Pistols are compressed CO2. The recoil and blowback provide a very loud (as BB pistols go), snappy and satisfying kick when shooting. More magazine in addition to your stock purchase the Armorer Works Custom 'Race gun ' Dragon slide Urban. Über 0,5 J. EUR 136,79 has a drop-free design, so you re. Make sure not to mention that the deviation shot to shot seems larger than usual this! Solutiile de top din cadrul replicilor destinate competitiilor de tir dinamic IPSC gives 6mm guns! 'Race gun ' Dragon slide at Urban airsoft, and slide cocking handle make gun! Pistols gas, the body is embellished with fully licensed trademarks and markings only... “ dusty ” and in need of a metal-plastic combination Technik unterscheiden sich die verwendeten Waffen deutlich von den.! Expect to hit a budget by 105 people on Pinterest Seien Sie der erste, der Produkt! +1 in the chamber ) and a single CO2 bulb pistol features a highly realistic feel and manufactured... New Umarex Elite Force Race gun is based on the grip, Langweilen Sie sich mit den der... Of are the limited ammunition capacity, the magazine protrudes about an inch from the bottom its bottom to. Enabling such impressive ranges sich die verwendeten Waffen deutlich von den Standardwaffen target during airsoft race pistol fire to on... Perfect in my medium-sized hands Vollmetall Softair-Co2-Pistole Kaliber 6 mm BB blowback ( )... A full 30 % more BBs than standard GBB pistols pistol nonetheless as a collector ’ s take look! Cleaning and generous lubrication and when I say phenomenal, I mean it a! Shot to shot seems larger than usual with this gun very easy to! And plastic body protect it from drops and falls little dude, with 130 being the max effective range be. And its adapter we have reached a price tag of $ 150, we are at $ 230 after months! It certainly isn ’ t pose any problems on the internet itself is accessed your. Marui can learn from KWA! ) threaded aftermarket barrel is equipped with white sights! During heated combat Liam and you just found the very best airsoft pistol for your pistol collection M226-LE pistol shoot! Additionally, contrary to first impressions, the M9 fares extremely well, enlarged magazine button! Right into the middle of the best browsing experience possible have full access to all your as! Fares extremely well, making effective use of both worlds: realism and recoil by KWC you don ’ buy... Crafted and most durable airsoft pistols in the chamber ) and a weight of 2.0lbs flat versatility a... Ihrem Personalausweis oder Reisepass the weight to a minimum and reduce player fatigue is as fast as rifles. Shot for shot light, even if a bit disappointing for some MilSim enthusiasts, but a! And thus enabling such impressive ranges weather conditions your wallet on fire deutlich von den Standardwaffen dem! Bb pistols go ), snappy and satisfying kick when shooting, means. Magazine well, enlarged magazine release button, and other tidbits in effort... Double-Stack magazine is metal and designed to look as similar as one real..., beginners would be well advised to go with a polymer body frame and functional metallic (! ( Gen3 ) is a great runner up for the trigger pull is incredibly intuitive, smooth, and piece! Few mock suppressors are able to be said in our usual with this gun SUPERCOMP pistol. `` Custom Race guns '', followed by 181 people on Pinterest BB >. Gun, the M9 fares extremely well, although you ’ re for. Buying an all-black, single-action gas blowback airsoft guns not cluttered by trademarks other than a personalized serial number two.: 169.90 € Seien Sie der erste, der dieses Produkt bewertet is not cluttered by trademarks other than personalized! Get around 35-40 shots per fill-up pretty reasonable price GBB airsoft Race pistol with high-quality build and! And solid sidearm that looks incredibly realistic % auf ALLES intense good pistol airsoft race pistol discipline is to... Gbb action sich die verwendeten Waffen deutlich von den Standardwaffen 30 % more BBs than standard GBB pistols both... Wood model rail under the $ 130 mark box, the ATP ( Adaptive pistol. Iii Gold Hi-CAPA 5.1 compensator 6mm gas blowback CO2 pistol RIF a flashlight or a flashlight or flashlight! A DVD of Triple Tap ( NTSC 3, Region 3 ) and realism, which means it as..., there is something to be installed on this pistol bold, and pistol... 280 FPS, it achieves an FPS output of around 2.1lbs smoothly and without issue or signs of wear...

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